What is Heart Strength Coaching?

Heart Strength Coaching is a  Christian counseling organization in Fresno, California, that specializes in helping people think more clearly so that they can experience joy, peace and grace in life, as much as possible.  We love to see our clients become more effective in doing the things that mean the most to them.


What Have Clients Experienced?

Many clients leave our coaching sessions with a greater sense of confidence and clarity about their unique strengths and how they can have an influence in their world.  Many times they leave that sense of being small and trapped and find a more “spacious place” to live.  That doesn’t mean they go home and move to a larger apartment!  No! But, they do have a greater sense of freedom to live and operate. They can see how to move beyond betrayal, hurt and anger to more calm and peace. They have more ideas of how to be effective.  Sometimes freedom means they can keep going when, honestly before, they thought life was just too painful, and it seemed their strength was gone.


Why Is It Named “Heart Strength Coaching?

Many rediscover strength of heart and will, or perhaps see again purpose in living.  We sometimes say,  “that person has a ‘heart’ for children, or a ‘heart’ for making a difference, or a ‘heart’ for bringing in better health opportunities or improving education or a ‘heart’ for people.  What we mean by “heart” is a stirring desire or passion to help make something better.  In this organization we love to increase the person’s ability to do just that…to have an influence.  We teach skills that help a person think more clearly; move beyond the obstacles that look overwhelming or oppressive; and get to the best part of living…making that difference in my part of the world!  You, too, can make a difference!

Thus the name, “Heart Strength Coaching.”  We have a ‘heart’ to see individuals become strong and able to take the next step forward in identifying and fulfilling their purpose.


What Services Does Heart Strength Coaching Provide?

Services include

  • One on one counseling sessions,
  • Couple and family sessions, as well as
  • Workshops and classes for large or small groups


How Do I Make An Appointment or Get More Information?

Call:     559.422.0077      

E-mail:  Lois@heart-strength.com